a live-streamed talk show with musical performances by local hip hop and soul musicians.


Showcasing local hip hop, r&b, soul, and jazz talent in the Portland and surrounding areas. The hosts will be speaking on trending world topics and have exclusive interviews with each musician.

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Swiggle Mandela is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and promoter in Portland, OR. His music can be described as lyrical, conscious and united. Swiggle Mandela wrote his first “rap” in the year 2000 when he was only 9 years. Now at the age of 27 he is known as one of the most prominent rappers in the city. Swiggle not only raps but is known for speaking all around Portland. Whether it be to speak and rap in schools for the youth or in prison for incarcerated adults. Swiggle aims to make the world a better place one lyric at a time.

Shook Black started drumming at the ripe age of 4, where he started developing his talents in church bands all over Portland, Or. At 14 years old, he had his first professional performance at the Portland Art Museum. Later at the age of 18, he performed at the Crystal Ballroom. It was at this time, Shook decided that he would combine his passion for drumming and music, to pursue it professionally.

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